Iconic Local Beer Served in Parliament

I arranged for Shipstone’s Beer to be served in Parliament this week.

As a relatively new Member of Parliament I am trying to make a practical difference to my community. Part of this is supporting local businesses whenever possible, as the products they produce and the people they employ form the lifeblood of our communities, and how better to do that than in Parliament itself. I wanted to highlight the good work that Shipstone’s does because they are a brewery with a mission: make a good beer with a history behind every pour.

My constituents are fond of signing that ‘you’ll never beat Des Walker’ and now we’re showing my colleagues that you can’t beat a pint of Nottingham beer either. I think the work that Richard does terrific. He saw this piece of our community’s history disappearing, so he took it upon himself to bring it back.

Members of Parliament can arrange with the Parliamentary authorities that they stock a guest beer from their constituency for a week.

In its reimagined line Shipstone’s offers a core range of heritage brews including; Original Bitter, Gold Star pale ale, chocolate malt Nut Brown and a traditional India Pale Ale.

Shipstone’s Brewery was founded in 1852 by James Shipstone and continued by his sons. After rising high and dominating the region in the early 20th century, Shipstone’s found itself on the downturn until it sold the name to Greenall’s in 1978.  All production ended in 1991.

After looking to revive the tradition of family owned regional English beers, Richard Neale decided that it was his goal to bring Shipstone’s back to its former glory.  Now as a microbrewery of only three people all working to conserve a piece of Nottingham’s history, Shipstone’s is once again thriving.

For more information about Shipstone’s Beer products and its history please visit http://www.shipstones.com/

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