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Welcome to my latest newsletter as Member of Parliament of Nottingham North.

If you’ve read the last few issues, you’ll know that while Parliament is in recess I’m using this space to give extra coverage to some of the really interesting and important groups that I have met with. Those featured in the last two issues were the National Association of Child Contact Centre and Nottingham Peace Project. If you missed those newsletters they can be found on my website. Let me know what you think.


 shoeaid Another great group I have met with recently is Shoe Aid, a Nottingham-based charity who are aiming to provide footwear to all those who need some, whether in Nottingham, the rest of the UK or worldwide. I met with Lee Todd, the charity’s founder, to discuss the different types of work they are doing and what I can do as a Member of Parliament to support their cause.

Worldwide, 1.5 billion people don’t have footwear. 300 million of these are children, 70 million of whom can’t get educated because shoes are part of their required school uniforms. What’s more, 30,000 people die per year from preventable foot infections. In the UK, there are 4 million children with ill-fitting shoes and 250,000 homeless people with poorly conditioned shoes, while 2 million shoes per week find their way into landfill. Shoe Aid was set up 7 years ago in Nottingham to fight these problems.

They have already sent over half a million shoes worldwide and provided over 10,000 to UK homeless charities, as well as offering education to school children on the importance of recycling & reusing footwear for Keep Britain Tidy. Their current goal is to provide every deprived child and homeless person in Nottingham with a free pair of shoes by the end of September, and have drop-off points in intu Broadmarsh and Tescos across Nottingham to achieve this. After this, they’ll be moving onto the rest of the UK!


As I’ve said before, I will strive to send you a newsletter like this each Friday to keep you updated on the work I’m doing in Parliament as well as in our community, and to inform you of any interesting events taking place in our area. To help me with the latter, if you are running or know of anything that you think may be of interest to others, feel free to drop me an email at and I will include it in future issues. Please also forward it onto anyone you think may be interested. 

In the constituency

This week began with the funeral for our beloved colleague Alan Clark. This took place at St Mary’s Church with a reception at the Council House afterwards. St Mary’s is a massive church but on this morning, it was full to capacity. There were a great number of people who knew Alan from all parts of his life who wanted to pay their respects. The service was a real celebration of his life with testimony from his family and from a former colleague. Cllr Graham Chapman, our Council Deputy Leader, made a very moving speech about Alan’s political legacy and the importance of public service.

After that we went back to the Council House. As well as some lovely Jamaican food, we heard from a range of speakers about Alan’s life. We heard about Alan the brother, Alan the teacher, Alan the step-dad, Alan the Councillor and Alan the husband. All of these speeches had a common theme: a life well lived, in the service of others and in good humour.  Alan’s great contribution to our city over 29 years as Councillor for Bulwell Forest will not be forgotten. He will be sorely missed and fondly remembered.

On Wednesday, Nottingham launched its bid to become a European Capital of Culture in 2023. This is terrific news. Our city has rich cultural heritage and ambitious future and we will be campaigning hard to help Nottingham achieve this title. If I were to list the reasons why I think Nottingham deserves this title we’d be here all day, but from Robin Hood to D.H. Lawrence I know we deserve such an accolade.

The winning cities, of which there will be one from the UK and one from Hungary, will organise a series of cultural events with a continental theme, aiming to help foster urban regeneration, change the city’s image and raise its profile on an international scale. This is expected to give the local economy a large boost, attract millions of visitors to the city and encourage investment in our great local businesses.

As Member of Parliament for Nottingham North I have an interest in making sure that, if successful, we would do this in a very Nottingham way. By that I mean that it wouldn’t be about new buildings and structures in the city centre but about communities, local people and taking a grassroots approach.

Nottingham’s campaign will be led by the city’s Cultural Strategic Partnership with support from Nottingham City Council, both the city’s universities and Marketing NG. I hope that as many people as possible get on board to support this bid, as I know I will!




You can read more about Nottingham’s bid here and find out more about the European Capitals of Culture scheme here.

That’s all for this week. Next week I’m meeting with a number of organisations that are working in our community to hear about their work and how I might help. I’ll let you know how I get on!

What’s On

I want these emails to be as interesting as possible. That means there’ll be some politics – it’s important that I am held accountable. But I also want to offer information about what’s on locally. So, if you have an event you’d like me to advertise, let me know.

Nottingham Caribbean Carnival
Carnival Village and Parade with music stages, workshops, stalls and even a large funfair
Victoria Embankment
Sunday 20 August 2017, 12-8pm

Bulwell Family Fun Day
Nelson Park (Crabtree Park), Bulwell
Tuesday 22 August, 12-3pm

Bestwood Park Church’s Bestop Kitchen
Social Eating Event, Donations Welcome
Bestwood Park Church, Beckhampton Road, NG5 5NG
Every Tuesday, 12-3pm

School’s Out Summer 2017
School Holiday Activities for just £1 per day!
Southglade Leisure Centre, John Carroll Leisure Centre, Clifton Leisure Centre, Portland Centre (doesn’t run on a Tuesday), Minver Crescent Sports Centre
Monday to Friday (except bank holidays), Between 31st July and 25th August, 9am-4pm
For further information please see

If you would like your events advertised here, or further information on those advertised, please email me at


That’s all for now! Details of how to get in touch or to have a look at the things I’m doing are below…

All the best,






How to contact me

If you would like to contact me, please email or give my Nottingham North constituency office a ring on 0115 975 2377.

If you are a constituent from Nottingham North e-mailing me regarding a casework issue you are my priority, so please ensure your message includes:

·         your full name

·         your full postal address, including postcode

·         a contact telephone number and

·         any helpful details relevant to your case such as date of birth, reference numbers etc.

Strict parliamentary protocol means I can only deal with issues on behalf of my own constituents. If you aren’t sure whether you live in Nottingham North, you can check who your local MP is by entering your postcode online here:

You may also wish to write to me with your concerns. If so please send your correspondence to Alex Norris MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA. All constituents who take the time and trouble to write a personal letter will receive a reply as a matter of priority.


Other useful links


  • If you’d like to learn more about the Labour party their website is here.
  • To join the Labour Party click here.



  • Benefits Information: Here’s an excellent site that allows you to find out exactly what benefits you are eligible to claim: EntitledTo
  • Housing: please contact your City Council
  • Problems with benefits or the Child Support Agency? The Citizens Advice Bureau and the Nottingham Welfare Rights Service can give advice. Remember to have your National Insurance number handy if you make an inquiry.
  • Local schools / education matters: please contact your City Council.
  • Employment rights: see Citizens Advice Bureau or the Trades Union Congress for info.
  • Social services, environmental health, noise nuisance, parking, and Council Tax should all be addressed to the City Council.
  • Another useful website on public services is


  • For the main Parliamentary website click here and to explore the Parliamentary education site click here.

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