Medicines and Medical devices bill

On Wednesday the 27th of January, the Medicines and Medical Devices Bill returned to the House of Commons. This Bill is crucial to ensuring that people across the United Kingdom receive the best quality of medicines and medical devices possible. During the debate, as part of my role as Shadow Minister of State for Public Health and Patient Safety, I welcomed the progress that has been made on the Bill and congratulated Labour colleagues in the House of Lords for their diligent work in achieving a number of important additions to the Bill.

The Bill now legislates for an independent Patient Safety Commissioner. This was recommended by an independent review and it will ensure that patient safety is always prioritised. The Commissioner will provide a voice for any patients who have in the past felt ignored or accused of being wrong when it came to their medical experiences. I believe that this is a fantastic step forward. 

The Bill now also provides for opportunities for the Government to request high-quality expert advice from an independent body when it comes to the regulation of medical devices. This means that decision-making will be more transparent, more accountable, and better structured. This will help to ensure that Governments can make the best decisions possible.

Lastly, the Bill puts further regulations on the use of human tissue in medicine. This will work to prevent the NHS from being compromised by the trade in harvested organs, such as those illegally harvested from ethnic minorities and political prisoners in authoritarian states. 

I am very pleased with the important contributions which have been made to the Bill and I believe that they will be central to ensuring that the UK’s medical regulatory framework produces the best and safest outcomes for patients.

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