Nottingham North Funder’s Fair

Nottingham North, my constituency, is one of the most challenged in the country. Like the rest of Nottingham, we often feel left behind by the Government who focus on London and the South-East, and sometimes we don’t get the same focus when it comes to Nottingham too as we’re furthest from the city centre. But I’ve found this has led to our local people taking the initiative to do things themselves, and I’m constantly proud of all the great things that local groups and individuals do – many of whom I’ve been delighted to meet and work with since being elected.

As you’d expect, the great ideas and projects that emerge need money to be put into action, and I’m glad that there are several avenues available for this to happen, as often they give back much more than is put in. One such avenue that’s been helping a lot is the Big Lottery Fund, which over the past five years has invested over £46m in 65 projects in Nottingham North. This is absolutely amazing and has made a tremendous difference to people’s lives locally.

Locally we tend to get a mixture of small grants for short projects and higher long-term funding for organisations like Small Steps Big Changes – which is funded by Big Lottery – and Opportunity Notts – which is funded by the City Council – but where we can miss out is on the middle range for longer-term but not ongoing projects.

That’s why on Saturday June 2nd, from 10.30am-noon I’m hosting a Funders, Grants and Support Fair at Bulwell Riverside where several organisations – including Nottingham CBS, Nottingham City Council Small Grants & Funding, Bulwell Toy Library, the Fair Family Fund, Tesco, Lloyd’s Bank Foundation, and the Heritage Lottery Fund – who can offer funding and advice will be present. So, if your organisation is based in Nottingham North, and looking for funding, advice on how to apply for funding or other advice/support, then please join me and we can help make Nottingham North better together.


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