Crime (Assaults on Emergency Staff) Bill

This morning my Labour colleague Chris Bryant, Member of Parliament for Rhondda, introduced his Private Members Bill in the House of Commons in an attempt to protect emergency workers from assaults while doing their jobs. The Bill would mean that, in the eye of the law, such assaults would be considered ‘aggravated’ and the possible sentence for perpetrators of such crimes would be doubled. It would also make an offence of those suspected of committing these crimes refusing to provide a DNA sample.

When people put themselves at risk to help others they deserve to be completely protected and go to work knowing that they are protected by the law. I therefore fully support this Bill and showed my support in the Chamber this morning by intervening as Chris introduced the Bill, as well as telling a short story of my own experience with the fire service on Wednesday morning. You can watch my intervention and Chris’s response to it here.

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