Access to Advice Services in Nottingham

Yesterday I was delighted to be able to discuss in Parliament an important issue which faces many of my constituents – access to advice services.

In Nottingham we have an incredibly wide range of organisations offering free advice on a variety of issues. Some provide a specific service across the city, some support a small locality or focus on a certain community, but what they have in common is their value to the people who rely upon them. I used my speech to highlight some of them and outline the services on offer, as well as address some of the challenges they’re facing, including the full roll-out of Universal Credit which begins in Nottingham next Summer, which threatens to derail the level of service that can be provided.

Thank you to everyone who offered their assistance while I prepared for this, and for the great work that’s being done in our city to provide these services to people that need them.

You can watch the debate here, or read the transcript here.


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