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Welcome to my second newsletter as Member of Parliament of Nottingham North. I’m now getting into the swing of things and have had another busy week; in the constituency at the weekend followed by this week in Westminster. As next week is the last week before summer recess I will be staying busy to fit as much as I can into my schedule while everyone is still in Westminster.

As I said last week, I will strive to send you a newsletter like this each Friday to keep you updated on the work I’m doing in Parliament as well as in our community, and to inform you of any interesting events taking place in our area. To help me with the latter, if you are running or know of anything that you think may be of interest to others, feel free to drop me an email at and I will include it in future issues. Please also forward it onto anyone you think may be interested. Now onto business…


This week in Parliament

My most important engagement in Westminster this week was on Wednesday, when my Nottingham Labour colleague, Lilian Greenwood MP, secured a debate in Westminster Hall on Support for Nottingham Schools. Like Lilian, I made campaigning against school cuts a feature of my election campaign so I was keen to contribute.

The Government’s projections indicate that in real terms, every school in Nottingham will face a decrease in per-pupil funding. As Lilian pointed out at the start of her speech, 83% of children in Nottingham are now taught in good and outstanding schools, up from 61% just three years ago, and 22% of our schools are now rated outstanding. We can’t let Government cuts reverse such amazing progress at the expense of our children’s’ educations.


Getting a good start in life is key to moving out of poverty, and should be something we aspire to for every child, but unfortunately in Nottingham North that too often isn’t the case. Our schools losing money in real terms will cost them staff and other resources which are necessary to keep up these amazing positive trends.

You can watch the full debate here, watch my speech here, or read it here.

During the week, I also took opportunities to question the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, on the Government’s implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which can be watched here. I followed this up by asking why it has taken the Prime Minister until the G20 Summit to challenge Donald Trump on the US’s withdrawal from the agreement, when acting beforehand could have affected his decision.

I’ve also had a variety of meetings about local issues.

I met with a group from Roots of Empathy. This is a project that I had previously visited as a local Councillor. In a few of our school they run a project that uses a new mum and baby to teach young people about empathy, emotional intelligence and helps them see the world differently. This has been a success across the world. This fits with my election priority of supporting early intervention projects. I’m hoping to help them get funding to establish the project for a long period.

Similarly, I’ve met with the Teeth Team who run dental health projects in 13 of our schools (more on that in the future) and I met with Bex Bailey from the Young Women’s Trust and with Shelter, the homelessness charity, to name but a few.

In the constituency

Last weekend in the constituency was a busy one too, that I kicked off with an appearance on BBC Radio Nottingham on Friday morning.

That afternoon I was asked to speak at Sound as a Pound charity’s summer event. They are an organisation funded by Big Lottery, that since 2013, has been helping Nottingham’s vulnerable people who live in social housing to manage their finances and keep a roof over their heads. Over 2,500 people have received such support since they began operating four years ago, with incredibly positive feedback from those who have. I was asked to discuss my previous experience with Sound as a Pound as a city councillor, and the issues and challenges that the constituency, and city, face.

You can find out more about Sound as a Pound at their website:


 DENfyVjXcAE9y8_ Later that day I recorded my segment on East Midlands Sunday Politics – where I shared my views on the effects the public sector pay cut is having on our nurses, and the role of MEPs, before discussing what can be done to help Nottingham’s businesses with the East Midlands Chamber.

Saturday was the first day of the Bulwell Arts Festival, and the Summer Family Fun Day at Bulwell Academy, which I attended with much enthusiasm. Events such as this, promoting and supporting local arts and culture are so important and I couldn’t be happier to show my support. The day was a great success and I’m pleased that local artists, dancers, musicians and many more have had such a wonderful opportunity to showcase their talents.

On top of this we have started doorknocking again, picking up local issues. It’s important to me – especially as a new Member of Parliament – that people know that they don’t just see us at election time.


What’s On

I want these emails to be as interesting as possible. That means there’ll be some politics – it’s important that I am held accountable. But I also want to offer information about what’s on locally. So, if you have an event you’d like me to advertise, let me know.

Bulwell Arts Festival
All Over Bulwell
Finishes tomorrow, Saturday July 15th
Further info can be found at

Bestwood Park Church’s Bestop Kitchen
Social Eating Event, Donations Welcome
Bestwood Park Church, Beckhampton Road, NG5 5NG
Every Tuesday, 12-3pm

Coming Together Day
Aspley councillors present a free event celebrating all our communities in Aspley
Minver Crescent Sports Centre, Minver Crescent, Aspley, NG8 5PN
Saturday July 29th, 1-5pm

If you would like your events advertised here, or further information on those advertised, please email me at

That’s all for now! Details of how to get in touch or to have a look at the things I’m doing are below…

All the best,






How to contact me

If you would like to contact me, please email or give my Nottingham North constituency office a ring on 0115 975 2377.

If you are a constituent from Nottingham North e-mailing me regarding a casework issue you are my priority, so please ensure your message includes:

  • your full name
  • your full postal address, including postcode
  • a contact telephone number and
  • any helpful details relevant to your case such as date of birth, reference numbers etc.

Strict parliamentary protocol means I can only deal with issues on behalf of my own constituents. If you aren’t sure whether or not you live in Nottingham North, you can check who your local MP is by entering your postcode online here:

You may also wish to write to me with your concerns. If so please send your correspondence to Alex Norris MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA. All constituents who take the time and trouble to write a personal letter will receive a reply as a matter of priority.

Other useful links

·         Alex’s Website: click here.

·         Alex’s Twitter: click here.

·         Nottingham City Council: click here.

·         Find your MP: click here.

·         Register to vote: click here.

·         School term dates in Nottingham: click here.


·         If you’d like to learn more about the Labour party their website is here.

·         To join the Labour Party click here.


·         Nottingham BBC news: click here.

·         East Midlands BBC news: click here.

·         Nottingham Post: click here.

·         Notts TV: click here.


·         Benefits Information: Here’s an excellent site that allows you to find out exactly what benefits you are eligible to claim: EntitledTo

·         Housing: please contact your City Council

·         Problems with benefits or the Child Support Agency? The Citizens Advice Bureau and the Nottingham Welfare Rights Service can give advice. Remember to have your National Insurance number handy if you make an inquiry.

·         Local schools / education matters: please contact your City Council.

·         Employment rights: see Citizens Advice Bureau or the Trades Union Congress for info.

·         Social services, environmental health, noise nuisance, parking, and Council Tax should all be addressed to the City Council.

·         Another useful website on public services is


For the main Parliamentary website click here and to explore the Parliamentary education site click here.

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