Debate on Support for Nottingham Schools

Yesterday I debated in Parliament on the state of Nottingham’s schools. I joined my Labour colleague in Nottingham, Lilian Greenwood MP, who hosted the debate, in standing up for our schools against continuing Government cuts.

The government’s projections show that every single school in Nottingham will lose money in real terms, and that will no doubt lead to teachers and teaching assistants losing their jobs. This is not good enough. I’ve spent a lot of time talking to parents outside school gates and you can’t overstate the strength of feeling on this topic. When people start losing jobs, people won’t be happy regardless of their personal politics.

You can watch the full debate here.

Or you can watch my speech here or read it here, if you’d prefer.

Nottingham Post have also covered the debate here.


One comment

  • We all need to keep up pressure on the government regarding this critical issue (and the NHS, housing, cuts to benefits, austerity, brexit policies etc, etc, etc) so thank you for representing us in this vital debate.


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