I pledge to speak up for older people, at Age UK’s ‘Age Champions’ annual reception

On Wednesday 5th July I met with older people from across the country at an event in Parliament organised by the charity Age UK.

The Age Champions event was the charity’s annual summer reception and highlighted the challenges of an ageing population and opportunities in later life.

My fellow MPs and I heard how they can tackle issues affecting older people in Nottingham North and across the country, including loneliness and isolation, social care and ‎the importance of a decent income.

The UK has an increasingly aging population which the Government seem content to let struggle, but here in Nottingham North we stand up for our older people. Labour’s election performance has already shown the Government that the public share this view, and forced them to abandon changes on the pension triple-lock and winter fuel allowance in the Queen’s Speech. I will continue to pressure the Government to provide the support they need.

Nottingham North is one of the most deprived constituencies in the UK, where people of all ages already struggle to get by, and support from the Government is often essential to the older generations who don’t have anything else to fall back upon in harder times. Indeed there are 6,214 pensioners living alone in Nottingham North, and 110 excess winter deaths in 2014/15 show how important it is that these people are made to feel safe, comfortable and secure at home. We can bring that number down.

That’s why I support Age UK and have pledged to speak up for the older people in my constituency.

Speaking at the event, Age UK Chief Executive, Tom Wright CBE, said: “I am delighted to say that we now have over 130 Age Champion MPs from all sides of the House and I hope that many others will want to join as this Parliament proceeds.

This new Parliament offers a great opportunity for policymakers to work together with organisations like Age UK with a view to ensuring that every older person can live with dignity and enjoy a fulfilling later life.

Issues like the fragility of our social care system and the chronic loneliness that affects too many are not going away and our older population badly needs us to find solutions for them”.

The event also heard from Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke, who spoke about the Department’s work, as well as the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population.

Throughout the event MPs learned more about how Age UK can help them to improve the lives of older people in their constituencies and make the most of their role as an ‘Age Champion’.

One comment

  • Leila Hunter-Simms

    Speaking up for older people: Thank you. My DOB is 222249 and should have retired at 60, but because of the financial crash and the burden put on all of us, even though it was not our fault, I worked another 6 years so retired from the NHS at 66. On top of that I never received a pay rise during that time in the NHS. So I have paid the price after working 47 years for our financial situation.
    Now Brexit and Remain split the Country and we have another crisis, when the government is talking about pensioners are better off. Better off than what. I am sure they are not saying the young. I started work full time earning £5.5s. at age 16.5. I studied at night school and a 9 to 5.30 job which gave me two BA BSc honours degrees. World War 1. the whole country got involved, won the war and changed the direction of Britain.

    Brexit now set to do this a second time. Difference is the young will not be fighting a physical war but a financial one. I have nothing else to give. I have served, not better off than the young and hate the idea of Her Majesty’s government thinking that and want to take away my bus pass, so I am stuck in a house, the very reason we were given this to get out and about before we can’t. My mother lived until she was 91 and at 85 she was no longer using this bus pass. So roughly people only have bus passes for 15 to 20 years. Times this by the number of receivers yearly does not add to No 11 accounts Book. The last Indian Sports event cost that country 80m to 88m. That same amount was given to India in Aids. So, in effect it cost them nothing and the Country is coming out of third world classification, just like China has. A detailed look at Africa shows they have enough resources to manage themselves. There is research going on to remove salt from sea water so soon they will need little help. In addition I am not sure why we are coming out of Brexit. Nigel Farage could not get his way in negotiations and so went on a rampage to remove us from the Union. I do hope we can defend ourselves. Korea is an example. America has turned in on itself, so Europe maybe the next world leader especially if Trump pull out of NATO. He does not need politics. He cannot negotiate and is afraid of confrontation so he sit an tweets. He tells his team to remove people probably never does it himself. How can everyone be right and Trump alone is right. All we are following is his tweets and we know short statements can be interpreted many ways. Will Trump give us business deals where they are at a loss. No. While all this is going on I would like to be left alone with what little I have stored up all my working life in terms of my NHS health and my Government pension.

    In Nottingham, it is in the last 10 years that we now have transport system second to none in the Country. I now get a seat every time. I recall travelling from City to Broxtowe costing 5s (five shillings about 1p or less today). The bus is clean and I can leave the house in peace and return in peace, so Government should leave bus pass alone. We get nothing else.

    Sorry I had to rant and rave, but I hate when Government talks about the elderly are better off. Remember, if you do not need a bus pass you do not need to apply for one. There are 12 people I know who could apply for bus passes but do not – reason; they are still in cars and works


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