Holding the Cabinet Office to account on cyber security

This morning I was able to ask Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Cabinet Office, Caroline Nokes MP, what her Department will be doing to ensure that the police have the resources to enforce cyber laws, without having to sacrifice important neighbourhood policing.

Society is more dependent on the internet today than it ever has been, yet anything connected to the Internet, which can include our every day appliances and much more, not just our home computers and phones, is vulnerable to cyber-attack. The global May 2017 ransom-ware cyber attack, which affected some 150 countries, shows us exactly how vulnerable computer networks can be and highlights the need for the Government to take cyber security seriously and provide Police with the funding they need to tackle it.

Yesterday I had met with Craig Guildford, the Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police, who had explained to me how our local force experience these problems first-hand, and however determined they are to give both aspects the attention they need, the funding just isn’t there. The Government needs to fix this.

My question and the Minister’s response can be watched here.

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