My maiden speech in Parliament

As the newly elected MP for Nottingham North, I called for the end of cyclical poverty in my constituency as I made my maiden speech in Parliament earlier today.

Making a maiden speech is an important milestone in an MP’s career. It is the first chance to make a speech during a debate in the House of Commons Chamber.

I began mine by thanking my predecessor, Graham Allen, who was the MP for Nottingham North for 30 years: “Me and all my neighbours owe Graham a great debt of thanks. He ought to be a Freeman of Nottingham or to never have to pay for a pint in Bulwell again – whichever he considers the greater honour.”.

I then paid a tribute to the great city of Nottingham and to the things and people that make it special, not forgetting Market Square, the two world class universities, Vicky McClure and Nottingham Forest’s success in Europe.

But this speech wasn’t just about the things which make Nottingham and the constituency great. I shared my anger about cyclical poverty in Nottingham North, and vowed to work hard for my constituents to make Nottingham North a better place: “I will do everything I can as a Labour and Co-operative Party Member of Parliament and as a Trade Unionist to fill this gap. I shall seek to use all the intricacies of this place [Parliament] to highlight our issues. I shall seek to build support for the long-term projects we need to change our community. And I will work and work until we see things get better.”

A maiden speech is only a small part of what MP has to do but I am thrilled to get the chance to speak for the people of Nottingham North and I intend to do it as loudly and as often as possible.


  • Kenneth Langley

    Well done I wish you all the best in achieving your goals but just to remind you I am sure that you are aware that you have some big shoes to fill your predecessor was a very good man I will never forget him once again all the for the best for the future may your efforts bear fruit K Langley Bulwell Nottingham


  • Fantastic speech. Go Alex!


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